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The Law of Attraction
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Ever wonder what “The Secret” is or WHY is works?
BuddahAs I look back on the last 10 years of my life, I can see how this quote from Buddha is absolutely true. For the first half of my 20’s I frowned a lot and complained a lot. The more I complained, the more things came into my life worth frowning about. The second part of my 20’s I spent smiling and inspiring. The more inspirational ideas I gave attention to, the more things came into my life worth smiling about!


So imagine you are a magnet. What ever you think about will be attracted to your magnet. If you think about negative circumstances, more negative circumstances will come. If you think about positive circumstances, the more positive circumstances will come!


Most of us dream about changing our lives. How ever, we still get caught up in the drama of life. If you find that this is true for you, dedicate time daily to tracking your negative thoughts and switching your thinking. Turn that thought into a positive one. If you are thinking, “man I am broke” turn that around into, “man I can’t wait to receive more money!” Already, you will find yourself feeling better and lighter… and watching for that money opportunity!


So if everything is energy… then pay attention to where you place your energy. If you find yourself joining in on conversations that are negative, imagine the energy you are putting out! Instead of joining in on that particular conversation. Watch for opportunities to enjoy a more uplifting one! When you do this, the energy that you just put out may very well be the key to your success!
“Pay Attention To What You Pay Attention To. Energy Flows Where Attention Goes”.


My favorite game!! Intend a cup of coffee today, a new job opportunity or maybe a call from a friend/relative that you miss! Watch and see what happened next!


Again, this is physics. If you imagine it, then it MUST show up. There fore you will experience it. So ask yourself, what kind of experience do you want to have?


This is one of the hardest but truest things about “The Law Of Attraction”. Try writing a letter to yourself about how happy and grateful you are to have achieved obtaining that THING that you desire. Mark it as a date in the future and write it in past tense. Watch how your mind already starts to believe that it is already yours. Feel how happy and excited you feel!



Magnet Talk Again :) Day dream, meditate and use your unlimited imagination.


This one gave me chills…


So if I put my attention to “how bad it all is” then I am just going to get more bad? Interesting how much sense that makes! What if I were to pay attention to how “good it all is”. I wonder how much good I can attract into my life!


Like the genie in the lamp, isn’t it nice to know that the universe is ever working in your favour!? “Your Wish Is My Command”.


The attitude of gratitude ALWAYS brings more things and circumstances into my life to be grateful for!

Gotta love that Magnet!
On a cruise to Mexico
On a cruise to Mexico
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